Flavored Water


I must admit, I’m not a big fan of water. Now, coffee and wine…those are beverages I can get behind.  But, water?  It’s so plain and blah.  It just doesn’t do it for me.  But, as I get older, I’m finally waking up and realizing that not only does water help your skin look youthful and radiant but drinking lots of H2O has a multitude of health benefits.  Plus, did you know that when you add certain fruits to water, it greatly (and naturally) enhances the flavor and increases your immunity to help you ward off cancer and other diseases?  Now, that’s what I call a win win.  So, here’s a break down of three combos I’m loving these days and their specific advantages:

  1. Lemon/Lime/Orange:  This refreshing citrus water, which is loaded with Vitamin C, gives you glowing skin and is packed with antioxidants.  It also aids in weight loss and helps to cleanse your system of toxins.
  2. Kiwi Strawberry: Another flavored water that’s high in Vitamin C, this one happens to be my kids’ favorite due to the sweetness from the strawberries and the kiwis .  I love the colorful presentation….perfect for a summer barbecue or a kids’ party.  You can also add mint for an added kick.
  3. Lemon Cucumber: When I used to get my hair done at the Red Door salon, they always offered cucumber water.  It’s a subtle but refreshing taste and I like it on it’s own or with lemon and mint.  Cucumber is also excellent for your skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory which helps to prevent cancer.  Additionally, it’s high in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, iron,  potassium, calcium, and silica which is known to help connective tissue, bones, and cardiovascular support. (I also love eating mini cucumbers with hummus as an afternoon snack…sooo good!)


These glass bottles are from Ikea and the tags are from Michaels.