Spotlight: Shannon Holt


Today, I’m finally reviving my Spotlight series after a long hiatus!  It’s actually one of my favorite aspects of blogging…reading other blogs on a daily basis and being a part of this creative and supportive community of amazing women.  I’m a firm believer of women building each other up because we can all learn something from one another along the way and of course, the icing on the cake are the friendships that develop as a result.

The first person I thought of when I decided to resuscitate this series was Shannon Holt of Clothes & Quotes.  If you’re not familiar with Shannon’s blog, you should definitely check it out!  Shannon’s easy, effortless Arizona aesthetic coupled with her genuine writing style and beautiful photography keep me visiting her site everyday.  Shannon’s attainable style and authentic approach are two of the qualities that set her apart which is not an easy feat in this over saturated world of blogging!  So, without further adieu, let’s get to know Shannon better….

1. What was the inspiration behind your blog and how did you come up with the name?

 I wish I would have put a bit more thought into my blog name, but I was just talking to my mom one day and I said something about how I love Clothes & Quotes and kind of just went with it. I’ve kept a book of quotes for the longest time so I knew I wanted to somehow incorporate them and I knew I wanted to focus on fashion. It worked out, but sometimes I question it. 

2. Describe your personal style in three words…

Casual, Feminine & always with a pair of heels (more than 3 words, I know)

3. What are your favorite stores to shop?

Revolve Clothing and Zara are always my go-to’s, but I love a good F21, H&M and Target haul. And of course, when all else fails I head to Nordstrom. 

4. What beauty products would we find in your cosmetic bag?

Oh gosh, I am not a makeup junkie, although I totally wish I was. So in my bag you’d find the basics…majority of which is drugstore brands. Nothing exciting. 

5. Describe an ideal weekend…

I would start with a relaxing Friday night, order in some food and watch a good movie or catch up on a television show. Saturday, we would have perfect spring weather. I’d go for a quick run in the morning and then my husband and I would ride our bikes to a patio, drink some cold beers and listen to some live music. I’d end the day taking my doggies for a walk. Sunday would….never end 🙂

6. What’s the most amazing place you’ve been to? What’s next on your travel agenda?

 I haven’t traveled a whole lot, but we did go to Maui for our honeymoon last year and every aspect was amazingly beautiful. My favorite was the black sand beach at the end of the Road to Hana…such a cool sight. My favorite place to go is always Chicago, I haven’t been too many times, but I would move there in a heartbeat. Next up….Brandon (my husband) and I are heading to Cozumel in April. I’m just so ready to spend my time on the beach with a drink in hand. 

7. Describe your creative process. Where do you draw inspiration for daily posts? 

When it comes to the fashion aspect of it, my inspiration lately has really come from trying to define my personal style and really hone in on what I like, what I feel confident in and what looks good. I go to my closet on the regular just to play around and put outfits together. I think shopping your own closet is the biggest source of inspiration because you really have to get creative. I’m still trying to figure out a creative process when it comes to writing the posts. Some days it’s easy and other days I can literally think of nothing with substance to say.

 8. Where do you see Clothes & Quotes in the next few years?

I just hope Clothes & Quotes continues to grow. That’s my main focus. It’s a slow process, but I’m determined to keep it up and I think the opportunities and rewards could (eventually) be endless. 

9. What is the most rewarding thing about blogging? 

All of the other women involved. I have made so many friends and “met” so many women from all over the world and it is just such a great community. Seeing this many women all going after the same thing, but still supporting each other (for the most part) is amazing. 

10.What advice do you have for aspiring bloggers?

Stick with it! It’s so much more work than you could imagine and some days,  but even the smallest accomplishments make it worth it.