Acure Organics


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I am perpetually searching for safe and effective beauty products so whenever I read a good review, I’m definitely open-minded and hopeful.  Although I’ve found some gems in regards to make-up (you can read about those here), I was still looking for the ideal shampoo and conditioner.  So, when Sarah recommended Acure Organics over on her blog, I was all ears.  Aside from the reasonable cost and the lovely scent, this moisturizing shampoo and conditioner has helped keep my hair manageable and smooth (which is no small feat).  I’m also loving the leave-in conditioner which I use right after the shower.  I simply spray it and pull my hair back into a bun and later in the day, once my hair is dry, I can take out the bun and I’m left with soft, wavy, and healthy hair.  I was so excited when Acure generously sent me a box of samples (love their skin care line, especially this day cream and this facial cleanser) as well as this amazing deep conditioning wash and these multi-purpose argan oils.  I particularly like the citrus ginger and the coconut (both smell sooo good).  I’ve been using the oils as a moisturizer for my hands, elbows, and feet as well as on my collarbones to give them a little added glow.  I would also recommend the brightening facial scrub which left my skin so soft and put some life back into my tired complexion (I know…I really need to get some more zzz’s and drink more H2O. …working on that).  In the meantime, this scrub performed a small miracle and left me feeling refreshed without irritating my skin.


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