Birds of a Feather…


Mint Julep Dress c/o// Target Bag (similar here and here)// Old Navy Sandals (similar here and here)// Target Sunglasses// Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Beige

During the colder months I usually opt for pants and boots but once the summer rolls around, I’m all about easy, effortless pieces that require very little thought or energy.  So, when the Mint Julep Boutique reached out to me, I knew exactly what I needed to add to my summer wardrobe…a flowy dress that can seamlessly transition from day to night.  Growing up, my mother used to say to me, ” Birds of a feather flock together.”  I never quite grasped the concept until I was older and wiser and only then did I fully realize what my mother was trying to convey.  Choose your friends wisely because you want to associate yourself with people who have a similar moral compass as you do.  Now that I’m a mother, I’m extremely concerned with who my children choose to spend their time with.  I want them to make good choices based upon someone’s character.  As I constantly tell them…it matters more who you are versus what you do.  I want them to understand it starts from the inside.  If you have a good core, you will go on to do good things and treat others will love and respect and consequently, you will attract people of a similar mindset to you.  So, I chose this print because it spoke to me in more ways than one…and besides, isn’t it so charming?  Be sure to check out the Mint Julep Boutique.  They have sooo many cute pieces for summer.  I’m already eyeing a few more dresses such as this one and this one which would be perfect for a day of errands or an afternoon at the beach.

PS…Disregard the sunburn on my back that I acquired last weekend while lunching outdoors…#ishouldknowbetter.