Bookshelf Styling Tips


I recently gave my bookshelves a little face lift so I thought I’d share some styling tips that I find helpful.  Most importantly, there is no set way to style your shelves.  How you decide to display your books, photos and treasured items should be an expression of your personal style and aesthetic.  Since I lean more towards a classic and clean look, I decided to keep things simple and uncluttered.  I find that color coordinating the books is visually pleasing and serves as a good starting point (another way to organize them is by category).  Next, I mixed it up to give it some dimension so some books are stacked vertically and others are horizontally.  From there, I added my favorite photos.  I love placing a framed photo or a print on top of a stack of books to give it a relaxed vibe.  After all, I don’t want it to look contrived.  My bookshelves are in our family room so it needs to match the overall feel of the room…an environment to kick back, curl up on the sofa and watch movies.  Lastly, I included some pretty accents such as a vase, a unique votive holder, a jar of seashells and some fresh flowers.  I prefer not to add too many pieces because I think it looks overwhelming that way.  The idea is to compliment the space and to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.  What is your approach to styling bookshelves?