Cucumber-Melon Cocktail


While I would love to take credit for this cucumber-melon cocktail, it was my husband who did all the work the other night!  I just took the photos and promptly drank one (okay, two).  These were the perfect drink to beat the oppressive heat and humidity we’ve been experiencing here in our parts.  I was initially hesitant at the thought of cucumber infused vodka but let me tell you…this stuff is the real deal!  Sooo refreshing and light!  The hubs made his own by muddling the cucumbers but can you can skip all that and just buy cucumber vodka instead.  And since we had honeydew on hand, we used that in lieu of canteloupe.  I highly recommend whipping up this easy summer cocktail the next time you’re entertaining.  I guarantee it’ll be a big hit!


Set The Scene: