Daily Delights


 {Jamesport Vineyards}

I cannot believe it’s already October!  I feel like the month of September just flew right by.  Although I was dragging my feet at the notion of shorter days, cooler temps and back to school, I’ve begun to embrace all the joy and beauty that autumn has to offer.  This past weekend, we drove out to the North Fork to a family friendly winery.  It was an ideal afternoon…perfect weather, live music and red wine…and the kids delighted in a spirited game of badminton on the grassy patch next to us.  It just doesn’t get better than that.  Or does it?  Because wine outside by the fire after the kids have gone to sleep is the best way to end the day in my opinion.  A few other highlights were these apple, brie, arugula quesadillas (sooo good), my abundance of pink knock out roses (my two shrubs are still going strong) and this incredible sunset down at the beach.  But, the brightest moment of the week was when my son, Michael, took off down the sidewalk on his new bike…all by himself!  I admit…there were a few tears behind my oversized sunglasses…#momlife.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


 {Enjoying some wine by the fire}


 {A pink sunset behind the dunes}


 {A proud mom moment…he did it!}


 {My knock out roses are still in bloom}


 {Apple, brie, arugula quesadillas}