DIY Cleaning Products


Lavender Oil// Lemon Oil// Peppermint Oil// Eucalyptus Oil// Tea Tree Oil// Castile Soap// Spray Bottles

If you’re anything like me, then a clean and orderly house makes you feel calm, centered and comfortable.  I’m by no means saying that my house is pristine all the time.  I do have four kids after all and three of them are boys!  So, there are toys galore and fingerprints on my walls.  But, I do strive to maintain my surroundings for my own sense of peace and sanity and oddly enough, I actually enjoy cleaning.  I love it when my husband takes them out for an afternoon and I can play my music and scrub, polish and dust my rooms.  It’s therapeutic to work hard, stand back and admire the results and take great satisfaction in creating a welcoming environment for my friends and family.  So, I was more than a little thrilled when I spotted this article about diy cleaning products a few months ago.  I’m always nervous using harsh chemicals around the kids so whenever I can avoid them, I try my best.  While I love all the Honest products as well as Mrs. Meyers, they do add up after a while so I finally decided to take a chance and make my own.  It was so much easier than I had anticipated and I realized I could swap out certain oils for others depending on my personal preferences.  Although the directions call for clary sage oil, I used lemon oil for the all purpose cleaner and the smell was divine!  I also created a bathroom cleaner following the same directions for the counter spray but substituting lavender oil for eucalyptus.  My seven year old loved the concept of these at home cleaning products so much that he told me I should “sell them to Target.”  I think I have a little entrepreneur on my hands…