Easter Tablescapes


While I would imagine that most people would say that Christmas is their favorite holiday (understandably so), my personal preference will always be Easter.  To me, this time of year is so uplifting with the longer days, the budding blooms, and the weather warming up.  Plus, Easter doesn’t involve all the hoopla that is in involved with Christmas.  It’s a simple Easter basket, a good old fashioned egg hunt, Sunday mass, and a delightful spread of lamb, asparagus, carrots, and hopefully a decadent chocolate cake (although this speckled one looks pretty amazing).  Since I’ll be hosting this year, I’ve already begun pinning ideas to create a lovely and inviting tablescape (you can see more ideas here).  Which tablescape would you choose?  I think I’m leaning toward the third image with the mini vases filled with vibrant flowers and a simple and elegant  place setting.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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