Easy Holiday Entertaining

Holiday Entertaining

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My husband and I have been entertaining for quite a number of years and while we’re still a work in progress, I’d like to think (wish) we have finally mastered the basics.  I try to put myself in my guests’ shoes when I consider food, drinks, decor, and the little touches that will hopefully make our friends and family feel welcome and relaxed in our home.  So, I start with the atmosphere…candles, music, fresh guest towels and beautiful soaps in the bathroom as well as seasonal details such as a cheerful throw pillow, a vibrant arrangement of flowers or fun cocktail glasses.  Of course, food and drinks are a major factor so I make sure we always have enough (it’s better to have plenty of left overs) and that it’s laid out in a way that’s easily accessible and portable.  I prefer buffet style because guests can choose from an array of options and control their own portions.  The same goes for the bar…I usually offer the first drink and then let everyone know where they can get a refill.  There’s nothing worse than standing around with an empty wine glass when you need a refresher, am I right?   Other than that, make sure you mingle with all your guests (this can be tricky especially with larger crowds so sometimes it’s worth it to hire a server or two so you don’t spend half the evening in your kitchen…been there, done that and trust me, it’s not fun).  And if hiring someone is not in your budget, then keep your menu and your decor simple (paper plates can be chic if you buy the right ones).  Most importantly, try to relax and enjoy yourself….after all, it’s your party.   If your guests see you having a good time, chances are they will too!  Did I miss anything?  What are your go-to tips for easy holiday entertaining?

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