Fall Fig Salad


Now that figs are finally in season (good luck finding them at your local grocer when they’re not), I was able to recreate this incredibly tasty salad I had at the Bryant Park Grill a few years back.  Seriously, I’ve been talking about it ever since!  So, when were down in Hilton Head and I spotted fresh figs in the produce department, I immediately knew I had to give it a try.  My husband and I enjoyed it one night with these cucumber melon cocktails and some grilled chicken on the side.  So satisfying and healthy and the combo of figs, parmesan and the dijon dressing is heaven on a plate!

Keep in mind, you can swap out the parmesan for feta, manchego, or even goat cheese (yum)!  And I think a simple lemon vinaigrette would be equally delicious!