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Does anyone else binge watch shows like I do?  When I find a show I like, I watch it religiously until I finish the season.  My husband teases me about this because he watches a handful of shows simultaneously whereas I concentrate (obsess) on one show at a time.  Don’t get me wrong…I watch my Housewives and Southern Charm while I’m working out (it eases the guilt that way) but I can pretty much take them or leave them.  It’s always the same thing…a bunch of catty women who wear way too much make-up, have overdone houses, and talk crap about each other while they’re fueling themselves with alcohol.  You know the only reason why they hang out together is because they’re contractually obligated because real people don’t speak that way to one another…or at least I hope they don’t!  Moving on, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite tv shows (sorry Scandal…you didn’t make the cut…the plot line just got too ridiculous for me) most of which are on Netflix or Amazon Prime so microwave some popcorn, pour yourself a glass of wine and get ready to do some serious binge watching this weekend.

  1. Velvet:  I just finished season 3 and I’m totally hooked!  This series is about a department store in Madrid during the late 1950’s (it’s in English subtitles although I must say I’m picking up some Spanish after watching 45 episodes) and the main plot line revolves around a love story between the director of the store and a seamstress.  There are a plethora of heartwarming and humorous side stories but it’s the romance between the two lead characters that reeled me in.  The first two seasons are available on Netflix and the third season is available on Daily Motion.  (PS…they’re currently filming season four and I can’t wait.)
  2. Bloodline: This show is a Netflix original and the cast is sooo good!  Sissy Spacek, Kyle Chandler,  and William Hurt to name a few.  It takes place in the Florida Keys (where we honeymooned and I’m dying to go back to) and revolves around a family that owns a local hotel and the complicated dynamics that occur between the siblings and the parents.  There are so many twists and turns that you’ll want to watch several episodes a night.  Season two is debuting May 27th but season one is currently available.
  3. House of Cards: The most recent season did not disappoint.  If you’re not familiar, it revolves around a scheming southern politician and his cold, ruthless wife.  I think it just keeps getting better and better.  Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are phenomenal ( I love her style…whoever the wardrobe stylist is deserves a standing ovation).  You never know how things will turn out and just when you think these two main characters cannot stoop any lower, they throw you for a complete loop. Available on Netflix.
  4. Bosch: I got my husband into this show and now he’s hooked!  It’s about an LA homicide detective who is a bit of a loner.  He has a complicated private life (the ex-wife and daughter live in Vegas) and each season it revolves around him solving one particular case.  There are a lot of layers and side stories which are all woven together and then seamlessly lead into the next season.  You can watch seasons one and two on Amazon Prime.
  5. Downton Abbey: For the longest time, I resisted watching this show.  I’m not really sure why.  I guess I thought I’d be bored to tears.  But, it’s just so good!  My husband and I have not watched the final season yet.  We’re waiting for it to come out on Amazon Prime so we can do a total binge watch.  It’s essentially about a wealthy family in England during the turn of the century and the relationships between them while they try to maintain the estate that is part of their legacy.  The scenery and the costumes are exquisite and what I love is that it completely transports you to another time and place.
  6. The Americans: This show is currently on FX but the first few seasons are available on Amazon Prime.  It revolves around a married couple with two kids who are really Russian spies but posing as the all American family.  It takes place during the Reagan era so it’s fun to look back at the early eighties fashion and decor.  I was really excited when I realized one of the scenes was filmed at Jones Beach which is where I take many of my outfit photos!  You’ll definitely get sucked it.  It’s another show with lots of twists and turns so hang onto your seat!
  7. The Good Wife: We haven’t watched the final season yet.  I think this is another show I’ll wait for the latest season to come out on Netflix. It revolves around a woman who returns to practicing law after a long hiatus following her husband’s very public downfall and imprisonment.  In my opinion, the first few seasons are the best and then it kind of gets annoying.  But, I feel compelled to watch it until the very end to see how they wrap it all up.  There’s a lot of good actors and guest actors on the show so it’s definitely worth watching.
  8. Damages: Another show based on the law, this one revolves around a young, ambitious female attorney (Rose Byrne) who works for a cunning and manipulative plaintiffs lawyer played by Glenn Close.  They always shoot it in a series of flashbacks which naturally pulls you in.  I think the first season was the best but isn’t that usually the case?  This show is no longer on the air but all five seasons are available on Netflix.
  9. City Ballet: This is a docu-series produced by Sarah Jessica Parker on AOL which follows the lives of the ballet dancers who belong to the New York City Ballet.  I found this series fascinating because it offers a glimpse inside the dancers’ day to day lives both professionally and personally.  There are two seasons and each episode is about twenty minutes long.
  10. Mad Men: Yes, I realize this series is over but if you never tuned in, it’s such a great binge watch.  Again, I think the first season is the best.  But, I do like the way the characters were developed over the years, my favorites being Don Draper and his detached but beautiful wife, Betty.  It takes place during the 1960’s in New York City and revolves around an ad agency and its’ employees.

Some shows that are up next on my must see list are Grand Hotel, Mr. Selfridge, and most definitely the second season of Bloodline.  What are your favorite shows?  Am I missing out on a good one?  Please let me know if you have any suggestions!  I hope you have a great weekend!

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