Four Healthy Rice Cake Snacks


Does anyone else get hangry at about 4 pm everyday or is it just me?  Some days, I’m really disciplined and pull out the veggies and hummus or a small piece of cheese and an apple while other days all I  want to do is sink my teeth into something satisfying (usually from the Starbucks drive through).  This where I run into problems because although that scone temporarily hit the spot, I find myself hungry within the hour.  So, to quell my afternoon cravings with nutrition in mind, I picked up a bag of brown rice cakes and decided to experiment with some of my favorite combos: cucumbers and hummus (love Sabra the best), bananas and organic peanut butter, apple slices and almond butter, and avocado mixed with lemon juice topped with cherry tomatoes.  They all taste great, stave off my hunger until dinner, and give me that added energy I need to get through homework, baseball games and cooking for the kids.  What’s your go-to afternoon snack?  I’m always looking for inspiration!