How to Get the Perfect Faux Glow


Tarte Bronzer// Acure Scrub// Burts Bees After Sun Lotion// Tarte Self Tanner

Any one of my friends will tell you that I am the self tanning queen.  Not in the tanorexic sense but I do love a good sun kissed glow, especially when my summer uniform consists of a swim suit and a cover-up most days.  I’m about as fair as they come so baking in the sun is definitely not an option.  That’s why self tanner has been my saving grace!  If you’re a faux glow proponent such as myself, then I’m sure you know that certain products leave you orange and sticky while others, although they make work well, have a number of harmful ingredients.  While I still love my Cocoa Glow, it’s a challenge keeping an ample supply stocked since I can only order it online.  So, my alternative self tanner is this version by Tarte.  I should warn you, you must use the mitt!  Otherwise, you’ll have very dark palms!  To achieve the perfect faux glow, start with an exfoliator.  I love this facial scrub by Acure which I also use on my elbows, ankles and knees.  After the shower, apply this moisturizer (which works really well after the sun too) and let it sink into your skin for a few minutes.  Apply the self-tanner and remember to use it sparingly on your feet, ankles knees and elbows.  I typically apply it at night, then wear dark pajamas to bed so it doesn’t rub off on my clothes.  Then, in the morning, I wake up with tanned skin!  After washing my face with this cleanser, I use this maracuja oil, this primer, this bb cream, and then use this Tarte matte bronzer on my cheeks, forehead and nose.  That’s pretty much it most days because we either go to the beach or the pool so the less make-up, the better!  Do you wear self tanner?  If so, which products would you recommend?