Loving Long Island

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Jones Beach Ocean Side (Theodore Roosevelt Nature Center)

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Jones Beach Bay Side (Coast Guard Station)

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Planting Fields Aboretum, Oyster Bay

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The Milk Pail Farm and Orchard, Water Mill

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Kismet, Fire Island

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All American, Massapequa


A peak at the Manhattan skyline at sunset (photo taken at Jones Beach).

While my husband is a native of Long Island, I grew up north of the city in the suburbs known as Westchester.  I always loved Westchester for its’ charming towns (most of them are centered around the commuter train) dotted with lovely shops and restaurants, its’ plethora of beautifully manicured country clubs and its’ prominent position on the Long Island Sound.  Add that to the fact that it’s a short drive or train ride into Manhattan and that had me convinced there was nowhere else in the tri-state area I’d rather live.  But, six years ago, after we had our third child, we were looking for a roomier place to call home and my husband suggested we consider Long Island.  For years, I balked at the thought of crossing the bridge to unknown territory.  That would mean I would leave behind my job, my friends and my family.  It would also mean leaving behind all the familiar things I had grown accustomed to and starting a whole new life.  While it was exciting to renovate and decorate our very own home, the first few months were lonely and unsettling.  So, I began to seek comfort and solace at the beach which is a mere ten minutes from our house.  I would put the kids in the double stroller and head down to the boardwalk pretty much every chance I could.  I always found that each time, I would return home feeling peaceful and rejuvenated.  There was something so calming and therapeutic about the drive over the bridges with its’ sweeping views of the bay, the smell of the ocean and the sea air.  Today, I have found my niche…we have a wonderful group of friends and extended family here in town and on the island.  So, while I don’t feel lonely anymore, I still make my way down to the beach several times a week, regardless of the season or the time of day.  It’s a time to slow down, reflect on things and just be in the moment.  Aside from the beach, I’ve also listed a few other places here on Long Island that I enjoy visiting.  For a more detailed list, refer to my Pinterest board…. I’ve been pinning up a storm lately!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!