Palmetto Dunes


If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (@taffetatulips), then you know that we were down in Hilton Head a few weeks ago for our annual family trip.  There’s something so special about Hilton Head, I can’t quite sum it up in one sentence.  It’s our home away from home (only a better version), a place that’s become familiar and comforting, somewhere we visit year after year where we are watching our children grow and where we hope they will have fond memories as they get older.  I love knowing where everything is: where to go to church on Sunday, where to go for a family dinner, what bike paths are the best, what day trips to take and what to do on a rainy day.  It’s where we hope to retire one day and envision our children and their children visiting us regularly.  This particular trip came at the perfect time because we decided to go away the week before school started.  It was an opportunity to hit the reset button and relax as a family before we returned to our hectic schedules.  We also discovered some new places: a rustic coffee shop, a casual ocean front spot  to enjoy drinks and take in a sunset, new bike paths, and the best fried chicken on the island.  If you’re ever planning to go to Hilton Head, I would recommend staying in Palmetto Dunes.  They have beautiful beaches, three golf courses, endless bike paths, and a peaceful lagoon where you can kayak or enjoy a guided boat tour.  There’s something for everyone and I promise, you won’t want to leave.


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