Pumpkin Patchin’


We had such an enjoyable time apple picking a few weeks ago that we decided to return to the same farm once again this past weekend.  It was unseasonably warm (no complaints here) so we began our afternoon by taking a slight detour over to Sag Harbor.  If you’ve never been, it’s the most charming little town just a few miles away from Bridgehampton.  I snapped this photo from the marina (although it doesn’t quite do it justice) which was so picturesque…it looked like something from a postcard.  Once the kids started to become restless, we headed over to The Milk Pail, which was way more crowded this time around.  I mention this because these images tell a humorous story.  My two older sons were playing football in a field off to the left while my very enthusiastic toddler took off after the biggest pumpkin in the patch (I promptly scurried after him for fear I would lose him).  As he was running, he tripped over a vine and face planted in the dirt.  Yes, that’s right…we were that family with the crying child!  I scooped him up and consoled him and naturally, in lieu of a tissue, he wiped his tear stained face on my sweater…as you can see in my last photo.  Not to fear…he made a quick recovery once we bought a half dozen apple cider donuts which we all devoured on the car ride home.


James Perse Tee// Gap Jeans// Target Cardigan (similar)// Nordstrom scarf (similar splurge and save)// Kate Spade Bag (similar)// Boutique 9 Boots (similar)// J.Crew Factory Sunglasses