Pumpkin Picking


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After an almost two week hiatus, I’m finally back to blogging!  I don’t know about my fellow bloggers but sometimes I just need a break from the virtual world. It’s refreshing to close my laptop, forego my social media channels, and make a conscious decision to simply live in the moment.  I almost didn’t take photos or whip out my phone this past weekend when we made our annual visit out to The Milk Pail.  But, the weather, the lighting, and the scenery were ideal so I couldn’t resist sharing it on Instagram and here on the blog. If you live in the New York area, I highly recommend venturing out to Water Mill for a day trip particularly this time of year. The crowds have thinned out and consequently the Hamptons traffic has dissipated so it’s the perfect destination for a day trip complete with apple or pumpkin picking, some vineyard hopping and window shopping in nearby Bridehampton. I am a huge fan of Halloween so I’m looking forward to carving these pumpkins this afternoon, heading out in the neighborhood for some trick or treating and cuddling up on the couch late night with a scary movie and a copious supply of Reeses peanut butter cups…#myfave. Happy Halloween!