Reduced Fat Baked Potato Skins

My apologies for the unexpected radio silence on the blog last week.  My son had an accident on the playground last Monday and we found ourselves in the emergency room for several hours.  All is well though (thank God) and he ended up with a mild concussion.  Note to my fellow moms: a bunch of boys playing tag on the blacktop at recess is not advisable!  As if that wasn’t enough (because you know, when it rains, it pours), my other son came down with the flu.  That was a shocker because we all got the flu shot back in the fall so I mistakenly believed we were a flu-proof family.  The first day he didn’t seem too bad so I figured, “okay, he’ll be better in no time.”  But then days two, three and four had him immobile on the couch alternating between watching movies and napping.  He finally started to feel like himself by the weekend only to end up home from school again yesterday due to a double ear infection!  Needless to say, I’ve been disinfecting my house like a maniac (fyi: love these non-toxic lemongrass wipes) while simultaneously tackling endless loads of laundry.  Every winter, I hit a wall where I’ve had enough of the cold weather, sickness, and short days.  So, I’m beyond thrilled to be heading down to South Carolina in a couple of weeks.  Fresh air, spring like temps, and time together as a family is exactly what we need.

Now, onto these reduced fat baked potato skins which I whipped up for the Super Bowl.  I’d never attempted potato skins in the past because the whole idea seemed way too complicated and fattening.  But, when I spotted this healthy version while searching for game day snacks, I realized these were a lot less intimidating than I had originally thought.  I opted for this turkey bacon, reduced-fat cheese and this low-fat sour cream and then topped them off with fresh chives which not only look pretty but add the perfect amount of flavor.  And yes, I realize that football season is over but these potato skins are ideal for any gathering especially one where men are involved.  Seriously, do you know any guy who doesn’t appreciate potatoes, cheese, sour cream and bacon???

*  My other favorite game day recipe for skinny nacho dip is another crowd pleaser!