Saint Olio Aromatic Cleaners


Saint Olio aromatic cleaners: Citron Scent No 1 c/o// Neroli Scent  No 2 c/o// Sitka Scent No 3 c/o

As a mom of four, I’m perpetually on the hunt for natural, safe and effective products for my family and our home.  It’s a constant struggle because it’s difficult to determine which products are best suited to fit our needs and when you’re spending a little more to ensure your family’s health, you want to make sure the ingredients are truly free of harmful chemicals (but smell nice too).  So, when I spotted Saint Olio’s line of beautifully packaged, synthetic free aromatic cleaners on Instagram, I was instantly intrigued.  I immediately reached out to Sherri Kaven, the creator and founder of Saint Olio, and she graciously sent me over some samples to try out.  I have never been more more excited to clean so I scrubbed our house with each cleaner and honestly, it was hard to choose a favorite!  The Citron scent is so fresh and uplifting so I love it for our kitchen whereas the Neroli scent, which is infused with an intoxicating rose blend, is perfect for our guest bathroom.  The Sitka scent is a combo of citrus and forest, so I love it for the laundry room and the kids’ play room as well.  I also love the Citron body refresher which I currently carry in my tote bag, especially the last couple of weeks where the weather has been hot and humid.  I simply spritz a little on my neck and wrists after I’ve been running around with the kids for a quick and easy pick-me-up.  And how gorgeous are these bottles?  I’ve been displaying them on my bathroom and kitchen counters and have received numerous compliments and inquiries.  I think these cleaners would make the perfect house warming or hostess gift, don’t you?