What Shows to Watch This Fall


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Since I last posted about my favorite shows, I’ve added to my ever-growing list so I thought I’d update you as to what shows I’ve been watching this fall.  Some are new, some I’ve only recently discovered on Netflix and some I’ve stopped watching temporarily because I can’t watch too many shows at once.  So, I’ll move onto another program and then eventually circle back.  Anyone else do this?  Of course if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears because as the weather continues to get colder, there’s nothing I love more than cuddling up on the couch in my cozy pj’s, an over-sized sweater and a cup of tea (or wine depending on the day).

  1. Grand Hotel: After I finished season three of Velvet (cannot wait for season four fyi), I hesitatingly moved onto Grand Hotel not sure what to expect.  Let me tell you, you will be hooked!  It’s kind of like the Spanish equivalent of Downton Abbey with a murder mystery throw in.  I love the decor, the costumes and the setting which takes place on the coast in Spain.  Plus, there’s a love story between the two main characters so you’ll find yourself rooting for them up until the end. This series is in English subtitles so you’ll definitely brush up on your Spanish speaking skills as well!  Available on Netflix.
  2. The Paradise: This series is another period piece that is available on Netflix. Originally a BBC series, it takes place during the mid 1870’s in London and is based upon the people who work for and live in England’s first department store.  The owner of the store is widowed and he finds himself drawn to a shopgirl from Scotland.  There are two seasons but I’ve only gotten through half of the first season so far.
  3. The Crown: Oh my goodness!  A must see!   I’m currently watching this series and I pretty much watch it every chance I get!  I even got my mom into it this past weekend. It’s about Queen Elizabeth of England and her ascent to the throne.  But, more than that, it’s about her marriage to Philip and the relationships she had with her family.  The acting is superb and I love the setting.  This is a Netflix original series so it’s perfect for binge watching over the long Thanksgiving weekend!
  4. This Is Us: I’m generally not a big prime time tv watcher but this new NBC series is definitely an exception.  When everyone on Facebook kept raving about it, I knew I had to give it a try.  It’s about three siblings who are triplets (two are biological siblings and the other one is adopted).  The show flashes back and forth between the modern day and their parents’ love story.  I think Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia (who play the parents) have great chemistry and are essentially the heart of the show.  It’s on NBC on Tuesday nights at nine.
  5. American Crime: I was late to the party with this show but now I get the hype.  I just finished season one and I couldn’t stop watching!  It’s like a page turner for tv…that’s how much you’ll get sucked in.  The acting is top notch and it’s comprised of a talented and reputable cast so you’ll be caught up to season three in no time!

A few other shows I’d like to try out are Divorce on HBO starring SJP, Good Behavior on TNT starring Michelle Dockery, and seasons two and three of The Affair on Showtime. Anyone else watch these?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!