Spotlight: Mara Ferreira


I’m beyond thrilled my new series Spotlight was received so well the other week!  Everyone had such lovely things to say about my interview with Merritt (you can read it here) so I knew I had to immediately interview another blogger that I respect and admire.  I’d like to introduce you to Mara Ferreira of the fashion and lifestyle blog, M Loves M.  Mara’s easy and effortless California style is a unique combination of polished yet laid back.  She’s not afraid to take a fashion risk but you can tell Mara knows exactly what works and how to wear it with confidence.  I love reading Mara’s blog over my morning coffee because whether she’s sharing her favorite looks for fall or featuring an amazing new recipe, her warmth and enthusiasm always shine through.  Be sure to follow Mara on Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin and Pinterest.  Now, let’s get to know Mara…

1.  What inspired you to start blogging and how did you come up with the name? 

I started blogging when Matthew and I were in a long distance relationship. I’ve always had diaries and journals and loved the idea of documenting our fun adventures with photos and text. About 6 months after I started M Loves M, Matthew moved down to LA and the blog started to include more personal style, recipes, etc. I’ve documented getting engaged, planning our wedding, going on our honeymoon, and adopting our dog Ginger. Even though I focus on more personal style posts now, I try to retain that lifestyle element.

2. How do you maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life? 

To be honest it’s really difficult. I don’t get much sleep haha! I try to keep really organized though by having posts planned for the upcoming week, though. To Do lists and my calendar are crucial! I might not have the posts written or shot, but when the idea is there, it helps keep me focused. Matthew and I have a no-phone at the table rule, and also on date nights. It’s really important that when we’re together I can spend time with him and not feel distracted. That has helped our personal life a lot!

3. I’ve never been to LA.  What are some unique places you would recommend to someone who has never been there before? 

Oh LA is so fun! You’ll have to come visit. I grew up here so I have a strong attachment to the city. There are some amazing restaurants (SugarFISH for the best sushi ever, Mozza for the most delicious pizza, and there are food trucks and taco stands all over that are amazing!). There are some great flea markets and antique stores, and I love that you’re just a short drive from cities like San Diego, Palm Springs and Santa Barbara! Also, the beach is the best thing ever! I’m lucky to live a mile away and I try not to take that for granted.

4. What essentials are always in your bag? 

Whenever I leave the house I make sure to have my phone, keys and wallet. Boring but they’re the essentials! On top of that I always need to have a few lipstick options. I’ve been known to switch colors during the day!  I also usually have my Kindle with me. I love to read!

5. What are your favorite trends for fall?

Plaid is a classic but it’s a favorite for fall! I love that we’re seeing it on more than just button-ups. Plaid dresses and plaid heels are so fun!

6. What are three pieces every woman should have in her closet?

A lace dress, a leather jacket, and a pair of nude heels!

7.  If you were to host a dinner party, what would be your go-to menu?

Let’s pretend it’s fall. I would make a butternut squash soup, baked salmon with roasted brussels sprouts, arugula salad with figs and blue cheese and for dessert..a chocolate tart!! I have a MAJOR sweet tooth!!

8. Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled for work? 

I loved visiting Chicago for the first time! I’d never been and was shocked at how beautiful the city was. It’s a nicer version of NYC.  The food is also AMAZING and I found some great shopping spots!

9. What do you find most rewarding about being a fashion and lifestyle blogger?

Being able to work with brands that I’ve loved since I was young. It’s so cool to develop that relationship with them and partner on projects that you’re both really excited about. I’m also so grateful for all the friendships I’ve made, especially with my readers. I feel so lucky to have such a supportive group behind me!

10.  What advice would you give to aspiring bloggers? 

Be true to yourself. Blogging can be overwhelming at times and you might feel like you need to be like Blogger X or Blogger Y, but be you. Write about your passions and the things that you’re excited about. Your readers will connect with the person you really are, not the person you’re trying to be.