Spotlight: Pamela DiGiovanni


Today I’m thrilled to feature my dear friend and mompreneur, Pam DiGiovanni who is the creative force behind Pam & Sam Designs, a  Boston based design studio and shop that creates unique, eco-friendly kid’s handmade accessories and clothing.  Pam is truly an inspiration as she gracefully balances two young boys, a part-time job, and her children’s clothing line!  I looove Pam’s easy, classic, New England style that she has parlayed into Pam & Sam through the cutest sweaters and hats!  And the great news is that Pam is currently extending all my readers a $10 discount with the code “merry” when they spend $75 or more.  These charming sweaters and hats would make an ideal gift for the the holidays especially this striped lobster rollneck that my son Patrick wears on major repeat!  You can also find Pam and Sam Designs on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

1. What was the inspiration behind Pam & Sam?

I was inspired to create Pam and Sam after the birth of my first son, Samuel. I wanted more work/life balance to be with my him, and turned my design hobby into my company, Pam & Sam. I adore luxurious fabrics and textures and love bright ‘happy’ colors. I married the two together creating a hat and sweater line for kids (infant to age 6). Growing up with the chilly, long winters in New England, sweaters and hats were wardrobe essentials. I wasn’t fond of the machine made cheap designs I found in traditional stores. I’d been spoiled by my moms handmade gifts and heirloom sweaters she passed on from my grandmother. Pam & Sam, handmade for kids, shares the old-world handmade craft, coupled with luxurious, sustainable and hypoallergenic fabrics, inspired by nature and voila! It’s Pam & Sam!

2. Take us through the creative process…

The genesis of my creative process is always derived from feelings of what I love, and sharing that love through my products with my customers. My designs inspired by nature feel fun, free and effortless, the same feeling I get when I’m at the beach with my family. I love pops of bright colors and rely on the classic nautical New England feel for my collections.

3. Where do you see Pam & Sam a year from now?

Evolving, growing and prospering.

4. How do you balance mom life and work life?

For me, balancing my roles between mom and work is remembering ‘I’m not a role’ but my own person. Knowing that my worth is in me, rather than what I do or who I’m pleasing. I take the time to slow down to be mindful with myself and my family. I do my best to be present with who I’m with or what I’m doing. That’s the best gift. I also give thanks to my supportive husband, Greg. He steers the ship when I need the time away to meet my needs. It takes a village. He’s also a great business advisor for Pam & Sam.

5. Describe a typical day…

A typical day usually involves waking early to have a few minutes for myself to set a mindful intention for the day. When the kids are awake, it’s full-steam-ahead with school routine, errands, and activities. I designate focus for Pam and Sam during special times in the day, when I’m not with my family. I’m at my best when I can 100 percent focus on what I want to accomplish. I always end my day by giving thanks to God and the universe for all the love in my life.

6. What’s your idea of an ideal weekend?

An easy, breezy weekend with my family at the beach on Cape Cod, or in Camden, Maine are my favorites. For a longer trip, Prince Edward Island in Canada is divine.

7. As a busy mom of two, what are your go-to beauty products?

My go-to beauty products are Johnson & Johnson hair detangler. A great BB cream; I’m trying Burts Bees right now. Sunscreen is a must, I reach for the organic brands.

8. Describe your style in three words.

Classic, breezy, bright.

9. What is the most rewarding thing about being a mom?

The most rewarding thing about being a mom is being able to slow down and share in each new discovery with my boys. Remembering to capture the joy. It’s amazing to share in their first experiences with them. What’s old becomes new again.

10. What advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs?

The advice I have for budding entrepreneurs is to believe and love yourself first. Any product or service you bring to the market will emote that love, which will inspire customers to share in your goods and/services. Keep a strong faith in yourself, no matter what setbacks you perceive, your path will lead to the best outcome. Namaste.