Sweet Sandwiches


I’ve gotten into a bit of a lunch rut lately.  It’s actually a really healthy and tasty sandwich…greens, avocado, feta and hummus on a flax seed wrap.  But, I literally eat this every single day.  So, after searching for suitable alternatives, I stumbled upon this inspiration in Parents Magazine for these sweet sandwiches.  I tweaked them a bit…I swapped out almond butter for Nutella (sooo addictive) and goat cheese for low fat cream cheese.  Plus, I just stuck to whole wheat toast and English muffins (although the avocado recipe on sourdough bread does sound pretty amazing).  What I love about these tasty little sandwiches is that you can enjoy them any time…they make a wholesome breakfast or lunch or simply a mid-afternoon snack to tie you over until dinner.   It’s hard to choose a favorite but my kids voted for the strawberry and cream cheese version which I must say, was a savory and satisfying treat.


 {Apple, Cheddar and Peanut Butter }


 {Avocado and Pear}


 {Nutella and Banana}


  {Strawberries, Strawberry Jam and Cream Cheese}