Why I Switched to Facial Oils

A few years ago, I switched from using my tried and true daily moisturizer to coconut oil, then to maracuja oil, and more recently, to this brightening facial oil.  Most of my friends look at me like I’m completely nuts when I tell them I use oil on my face but the truth of the matter is that ever since I made the switch, I have received a plethora of compliments.  Here’s the deal on using oil in lieu of facial moisturizers: Young, glowing, healthy skin is actually a product of skin cells held together by an abundance of oils.  Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies produce less of the oils that give our skin that luminous glow.  So, of course, the goal is to add them back!  Enter facial oils which are absorbed directly into the top layers of the epidermis where they promote a healthy lipid barrier which combats dehydration by helping the skin to retain moisture. On the flip side, creams are mainly composed of water, waxes and some oils added in.  One of the downsides of using wax based products is that over time they tend to clog the pores and in addition, they prevent the oil portion of the cream to penetrate into the skin. The waxes end up preventing the oils from the cream from being absorbed into the skin and they essentially form a barricade so over the long term, they are counterproductive.  The top layer of skin made up of of dead skin cells held together by lipids aka oils, is your environmental protection barrier, protecting against the elements.  So, adding oils to that top layer is imperative to maintaining a healthy complexion. I’m telling you, after a few uses, you will begin to see results but after a month, all your friends will be asking you what’s your secret!  Bottom line: oils are good for your skin and your complexion will thank you! (Found this info via this source.)

I’ve been using this brightening facial oil over the past month and I cannot tell you how many of my friends and family have commented on my skin.  No joke!  So, I’ve been giving them Beautycounter samples of these three facial oils to test out: the brightening one, the plumping one, and the balancing one.  Here’s the breakdown on each:

  • Brightening Facial Oil:  This oil smells sooo good!  It has a refreshing citrus scent which will not only moisturize your skin but it will also give it a much needed lift with its’ infusion of Vitamin C which will brighten and even out your skin tone.
  • Plumping Facial Oil:  This jasmine scented oil helps to combat wrinkles and fine lines as well as effectively moisturize dry skin and provide your skin with a firm and smooth appearance.
  • Balancing Facial Oil:  This oil is best for sensitive skin.  The chamomile oil helps to calm the skin while meadowfoam seed oil helps to restore balance.  I use this oil when my skin is acting up and after a few days, I can definitely see a difference!

PS…my husband wanted me to clarify that I’m not a Boston Red Sox fan.  The “B” is for Beautycounter….#GoYankees!

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