The Unexpected…

IMG_5679 - Edited

This past weekend, my daughter underwent an emergency surgery.  Thankfully, everything went well and she is expected to make a full recovery.  I am typing this from her hospital room as she is sleeping peacefully next to me.  It brings me back to those first days we spent together in the hospital as mother and daughter.  The rest of the world didn’t matter.  I was so overjoyed to finally meet her and hold her in my arms.  Now that’s she’s older, I’ve gotten to know her much better.  She is kind, thoughtful, smart, creative, funny and compassionate.  I love our conversations and our special outings…just the two of us.  So, as I sit here, thinking about the young lady she has become, I thought I’d share with you some photos she has taken…some for the blog and others just because.  Perhaps I’m biased because she is my daughter, but I think she is incredibly talented and has an amazing eye for detail.  If these past few days have taught me anything, it has certainly compelled me to take a step back and remember what is most important….my role as a mother and my deep love and appreciation for my family.

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