Ultimate Kids’ Gift Guide

For Babies

Rattle// Mustela Set// Rocking Horse// Onesie// Teether// Money Bank// Hamper// Hat// Bibs// Blanket// Basket// Booties// Dress

As a mom of four ranging in age from four to almost fourteen, I have a ton of experience in gift giving to littles over the years!  So, I’ve broken it down into four categories because it’s nearly impossible to squeeze all my favorites into one collage.  While I’d love to go through each item one by one, I don’t want to bore you plus some of these pieces are pretty self explanatory.  Therefore, I’ll highlight my absolute must haves and why I love receiving them and gifting them to friends and family.

1. For Babies: When it comes to babies, always keep in mind that they grow sooo fast!  That’s why I rarely ever give a teeny tiny size.  Instead, I size up because in no time, they’ll be fitting into larger sizes.  The easiest way to figure out a baby’s size is to double the age (at least for American sizing).  So, if the baby is three months, generally a six month size will fit.  European sizing is true to age so it’s much easier to navigate…three months equals a three month size, etc.  As a mom, I can tell you that you can never go wrong purchasing a soft, plush baby blanket.  I used to use them non-stop in the stroller or when the baby was sitting in the bouncy seat.  Another fool proof item are bibs!  Babies are constantly spitting up and drooling so bib sets are always appreciated.


For Toddlers

Wood Stacking Toy// Cardigan// Boots// Finger Paints// Toy Trucks// Hat// Hunters// Cape// Camp Fire Set// Raggedy Ann Doll

2. For Toddlers: I love this age (from 2-4).  My son is four (well, almost five but I’m clinging on for dear life).  They’re so funny and curious and it’s a ton of fun seeing the world through their eyes.  The best part of my day is getting my son off the bus every afternoon and listening to his version of events at pre-school.  He’s at that stage where he embellishes stories and it’s a real challenge for me to keep a straight face.  The other day he told me he saw a puma in the woods and outran him.  Another gem was when he told me he doesn’t have to brush his teeth at home because they have tooth brushes at school!  Imagination is a huge factor in their day to day so I LOVE this camp fire set and this stacking toy.  Both would keep him occupied for hours.


For Kids

Star Wars Tee// Sleeping Bag// Sperry Boots// Magna Tiles// Work Station// Jokes Game// Book// Pillow// Necklace// Purse// Slippers// Cardigan

3. For Kids: My two middle boys are eight and ten and while they are completely obsessed with baseball and all things Yankees, I figured I’d provide a more well rounded array of options.  My pick for this age range would be Magna Tiles.  We bought a big set a few years ago and while it is on the expensive side, it was worth every penny.  They love creating so many different things with them and the best part is they are indestructible!  When my daughter was this age, she loved girly things like purses and jewelry and I know she’d die over this adorable throw pillow for her bed.  Oh, and this joke set is perfect for both boys and girls because all kids love to laugh!


For Teens

Phone Case// Watch// Reversible Tote// Slippers// Perfume Set// Nails and Lip Set// Mug// Headphones// Sweater// Hat// Mittens// Earrings

4. For Teens: Ah…the teen years.  I don’t have all that much experience with this age range yet.  And I realized afterwards that I only included girls’ items but that’s because I had my daughter on the brain.  My daughter is generally easy to please.  She still loves jewelry, a good book (she’s a total book worm), make-up and perfume, and anything cozy like an oversized sweater, slippers or cold weather accessories.  I also think she’d love this mug because she has a major sweet tooth (like her mom).  I included this reversible tote because it’s such an ideal gift.  I have it in black/cognac but for teens, I love the mint/cognac combo because it’s a little softer.

So, there you have it!  The ultimate kids’ gift guide.  I made sure to include a plethora of price points for your budget.  And just remember…if all else fails and you don’t get around to buying something for the little in your life, all kids LOVE money!  My kids get excited for a dollar bill because they love the idea of going to the store and picking something out themselves…even if all they can afford is a pack of gum or some baseball cards.  It’s more about the experience and their sense of independence.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!