What to Wear to New York Fashion Week

What to Wear to Fashion Week


Striped Tee// Blazer (save version here)// Sunglasses// Jeans// Satchel (save version here)// Pumps//Earrings (save version here)

New York fashion week can be a tad bit intimidating and overwhelming especially if you’re a regular girl like me who doesn’t have a closet full of designer duds and is a forty-one year old mom of four who lives in the burbs splitting her time between Target, the baseball field, and blogging late at night (#momlife).  Don’t get me wrong…having the opportunity to attend NYFW is so exciting and I’m extremely grateful for this experience but it’s really important to stay true to myself both intrinsically and externally despite all the mayhem.  That’s why when I plan out my looks, I gravitate towards simple pieces that are feminine, flattering, comfortable and classic.  I want to feel like the best version of myself and never look like I’m trying too hard.  I use Parisian style as a reference whenever I’m facing a fashion conundrum because French women always get it right by sticking to the basics and keeping their look effortlessly elegant.  I wore a similar look to the Sachin and Babi presentation on Wednesday (which was exquisite fyi): a striped tee, my favorite J.Brand jeans, gray d’orsay pumps (not too high because of all the walking), my reliable Ferragamo satchel, and a structured black blazer.  I felt polished, pulled together, and seasonally appropriate (memo to all out of town bloggers: it will be 90 degrees in NYC this weekend!  Ditch the boots and the layers!).

I’ll be back in the city over the weekend for a couple of presentations and a runway show and I’m really excited to hang with my college roomie and take her along as my plus one!  Be sure to follow along on Snapchat and Instagram (@taffetatulips) for a behind the scenes look at all the fun!  Have a great weekend!

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